Choice and Flexibility

Choose your device

Apple iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14

Available on paybright

iPhone SE 2

Apple iPhone SE 2


Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10


Samsung Galaxy A14

Samsung Galaxy A14


Motorola One Vision

Apple iPhone SE (refurbished)


Motorola G PURE

Motorola G PURE


Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A12 (refurbished)


Bring your own device

Bring Your Own Device





Unlocking Your Phone

Phones Not Supplied by Eeyou Mobility

If you are using a phone that was connected to another network, it may still be locked to that old network. If you insert your SIM card, and you cannot make a phone call, your phone may be locked to your old provider. To unlock your phone, follow these steps.

Payment Options

Purchasing a phone from one of our Eeyou Mobility community service providers is easy. The following payment options are available to you:

Cash / Debit Card / Credit Card

Ask your service provider for details.

Eeyou Mobility does not offer a monthly payment plan for the purchasing of phones. However, you can arrange a monthly purchase plan for an iPhone or Samsung device upon approved credit through an independent company such as NOTE – Eeyou Mobility does not have a partnership or contractual agreement with Paybright or any other company providing credit-based payment plans, and is therefore not responsible for any arrangements that customers choose to enter into with Paybright or any other company.

Get Started

Currently, all our mobile plans and devices are purchased through our local community service providers (CSPs). Payment options include cash, credit and debit.

Contact the CSP in your community and get connected today!